Combat Trauma Wrap NSN 6510-01-538-6292

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Product Overview

  • 6"x60" bandage that can be used for small to large wounds
  • Compact packaging to occupy minimal space in first aid kit
  • Protects open wounds from foreign contaminants
  • Transparent bandage for constant wound assessment
  • Compression wrap helps control hemorrhage
  • Can also be used as a sling
  • Essential for every first aid kit
  • Made in the USA


NSN 6510-01-538-6292 Bandage Wrap Non Sterile, 6"x 60" , PN-DMH1115 COMBAT TRAUMA WRAP (CTW) Whenever possible apply polysporin, polymyxin B sulfate, bacitracin zinc, or ant approved antiseptic to the wounded area before applying the CTW. CTW is a bandage plastic wrap for first aid use in the field. CTW may be applied in any type of weather directly to sucking wounds, cuts, punctures tears, abrasions and can be used as a sling. To use as a sling, remove all plastic wrap from cardboard tube and allow it to become a rope shape, lay the two ends together facing the same direction and tie them in a knot. This will make a loop, put the loop around your neck and lay your arm in the loop to test the sling size, tie another knot if needed to create the proper size sling. The CTW is especially effective for the control of bleeding in extreme cold weather. Directions for use: Clean the wound. Remove the rubber band, unfold cardboard CTW container. Insert index finger into one end of the cardboard container, this should make the cardboard container start to take the shape of a tube. Starting at the index finger insertion point, squeeze the folded edges long way towards each other, this will make the unfolded object pop up into the shape of a 6 inch long tube. Gently peel back taped end and start to apply this portion of the CTW approximately 6 inches away from the wound. (The first and last 6 inches should not be placed directly on the wound due to the manufacturers handling procedures. There is about 5 feet on each cardboard tube.) Holding onto the newly shaped tube, pull the CTW in the direction that would cause the wound to become closed, when possible. Apply the CTW snug, not overly tight. Wrap the CTW completely around the injured part of the body until it is all used up, when possible. To control bleeding the first aid person places the palm of their hand directly on the CTW area that covers the wound. The injured person should feel warmth from the hand. After the bleeding has stopped, place a 2nd CTW over the wound, if possible, to hold the CTW in place. REMEMBER: Do not place any part of the CTW on the wound that the first aid person has handled. Dressings, Bandages, and the CTW should be applied snug not tight. Always protect the injury from the cold. Check for frostbite.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review