Carson Desert Tactical Folder


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Product Overview

This knife has Interframe building with Desert Tan color. It is known as the M16-14ZSF knife.  This knife is geared for heavy duty use.  It is well known for it's ONE HAND total operation.  It opens with just the flick of a finger giving it the appearance of a switch blade without any springs.  It comes with a convenient 4 position slip clip and 1 Trox wrench tool to make your changes.  You can carry it in your boot, on your belt, or in your pocket since this knife has the amazing feature of opening up as you pull it from your pocket.  It also features a double locking system for closing the blade so any hard strike will not close the blade prematurely.  There are built-in hilts on each side of the blade to prevent objects from sliding down the blade and striking your hand. These hilts also serve as the primary way of opening and closing the knife.  This knife is street legal with a blade length of 3 7/8 inches.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review